Photo collage from the case studies in the Macquarie University Online Human Research Ethics Training Program

Free online research ethics training


  • Macquarie University hosts a free online training program ( developed by L. L. Wynn, Paul Mason and Kristina Everett.  It introduces researchers to the particular ethical dilemmas that can arise in qualitative research in the social sciences, humanities, and psychology.  The module is built around real-life case studies, including both classic ethics controversies and current debates (such as the debate over the 2006 establishment of the Human Terrain System, a U.S. Army program that pairs social scientists with military ground forces in Iraq and Afghanistan). The Macquarie University website is free and Creative Commons-licensed for non-profit use; anyone can view and use it, assign it in class, use it to build lecture slides, or adapt it to create their own ethics resources.  



Fee-paying human research ethics training resources:



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